Jerzy Owsiak

The foundation was founded in Warsaw, March 2, 1993 by:
Jerzy Owsiak,
Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak,
Bohdan Maruszewski,
Peter Burczyński,
Paul Januszewicz,
Walter Chełstowski and
Beata Bethke.

The foundation deals with health care which means  saving the lives of ill people especially children.
This objective is realized through so called
the final money collections which are held every year in January to purchase  medical equipment for hospitals in Poland and also to carry out five nationwide programs, medical and educational ones.

Total amout of money collected by The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity = 109,779,368.21 USD.

The money was collected for:

Pediatric cardiac surgeries
Saving the lives of children injured in accidents
Saving the lives of infants and younger children
Saving the lives of children with kidney disease
Saving the lives of children with congenital malformations
Developing modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in neonatology and pediatrics.

GOCC - Great Orchestra of Christmas Help collect money throughout the year. They organize concerts, fairs, festivalsand happenings with the participations of the stars of Polish music who often play and perform for free.

On January 9, 2011 The 19th Final collection was held. It was dedicated to urology and pediatric nephrology. Thanks to the online auctions and the volunteers who walked on the streets for the whole day 37,008,974.00 PLN was collected.
We also helped - Karolina and I also collected quite a lot of money in the streets of our city.





Jerzy Owsiak (born October 6, 1953 in Gdansk, Poland) - Polish radio and television journalist, charity activist.
Founder of the Foundation The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, the main originator and producer of the annual  Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Final, the creator of one of the biggest cyclic musical events called 'The Woodstock Stop'. He is the president of the Golden Melon company
He is married to Lidia Niedźwiedzka-Owsiak who is medical director of the GOCC Foundation.

Created by Kula and Czaniecka

Source: wikipedia, http://www.wosp.org.pl/

Images: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jurek_Owsiak_Ruch_Chorz%C3%B3w.jpg {{PD by Bytkowianin}}
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Our team:
Gimnazjum #4, Gdynia, Poland
St. Mark's Senior Second. School,
Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India

St. Paul Lutheran School, Farmington, USA

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