Ewa Farna.  

 Born August 12, 1993 in Trinec - Polish pop singer coming from Zaolzie. She lives in Vendryně, in the Czech part of Cieszyn Silesia. She belongs to the Lutheran Church.


Krzysztof Krawczyk. 

  Born September 8, 1946 in Katowice, Poland - Polish singer blessed with a distinctive baritone , guitarist and composer. He used to sing with Polish band 'Trubadurzy' . He has been a solo artist since 1973. Krawczyk has recorded many well-known hits. He tours and gives concerts all over Europe and overseas also. He has been awarded many honorable mentions and awards.


Leszek Możdżer.  

  Born March 23, 1971 in Gdansk - Polish composer, pianist and record producer. He also creates film music. Mozdzer is a graduate of the Music Academy of Music in Gdansk. He has been awarded with Ad Astra Nobel Prize by by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Polish phonographic industry have awarded him with 'Frederick'(Polish kind of 'Oscar') and Passport Policy.


Tomasz Iwańca ( Grubson ).

  Born November 28, 1986 in Rybnik, Poland - Polish rapper and music producer. His artistic career began in the late 90th of the twentieth century. He has performed with such formations as 3oda Kru, Strength-Of-Peace and Super Group. In 2009, with the effort of MaxFloRec artistic agency, Grubson released his first official album entitled "ORS".

"People die, die, but do not grow like weeds." - Tomasz Iwańca.

Created : Andrzej Reich & Mateusz Wojtania.

Source : Wikipedia.org

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