966 - Baptism of the state by Mieszko I
1025 - The coronation of the king Boleslaw
1320- The coronation of king Ladislaus the Short
1364 - The university in Cracow was founded
15 July 1410  - The Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg)

1454-1466 - Thirteen year long war
1648 - The outbreak of the Cossack KhmelnytskyUprising
1717 - Silent Sejm-settlement of the nobility of the Republic of Augustus II, concluded through the Russian tsar Peter I

1772 - The first partition of Poland

3 May 1791 -The constitution of the Republic was signed

[3 May]

1793 - The second partition of Poland 1795 - The third partition of Poland
1830-1831 - November Uprising1863 - 1864 - January Uprising

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1914 - Uprising of the Polish Legions in the service of Austria-Hungary
1918 - Women in the reborn Poland get their Voting Rights

11 November  1918 - Poland regains its independence

1 September 1939 - Nazi Germany's aggression against Poland: This event marks the beginning of World War II, the most significant of the wars of mankind

August-October 1944 - Warsaw Uprising: the effect of this great uprising of Polish young people against the most modern army in the world was then: the complete destruction of the capital, the massacre of the Polish elite and other inhabitants of the city

1970 December events assembly

December 13, 1981 to July 22, 1983 - Martial Law in Poland
February-April 1989 - Roundtable Discussions lead to the end of the communism era in Poland.
- Start of the Balcerowicz  Economy Plan
1993 - The final withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Poland
1999 - Poland becomes NATO member 
2004 - Poland enters the European Union



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