Gimnazjum #4, Gdynia, Poland

St. Mark's Senior Second. School,
Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India

St. Paul Lutheran School, Farmington, USA

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We communicate with other people using our native and foreign languages.

Kashubian dialect - mostly used at the Pomeranian region of Poland ; one of the most separate dialects of the Polish language though strongly genetically connected with it. It is considered as the mixture of the Polish language and the extinct languages of the Rans, the Odoryts and the Drzewians. It differs from other dialects in literatury tradition. The language is taught in some schools in northern Poland.

Marta is teaching 'Kashubian Notes' to our Comenius project partners

Polish language - belongs to the group of the Slavonic languages of the Indo-European language family, spoken mainly in Poland.

Polish is written in the Roman and not the Cyrillic alphabet.  There are 35 letters in the Polish alphabet

[Polish alphabet]

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Images: Friedrich-Ebert Gymnasium, Sandhausen, Germany - with their permission (see Credits)