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FASHION- one of the most important factors in modern societies , it is changeable. Fashion trends decide what is good and beautiful - they are usually set by the best companies in the world. Fashion influences the way people dress, brush and wear make-up. The best well-known Polish fashion designers are Ewa Minge, Maciej Zien, Dawid Woliński, Gosia Baczyńska. Etc.

Ewa Minge in Poland, works for television stations: TVP, Polsat and TVN. She creates the image of many stars, and at various major television productions. For several years she co-created the wardrobe and image of  Jolanta Kwasniewska - Polish first lady.  She also creates the image of girls at the Miss Polonia beauty pageant and the Elite Model Look.

Maciej Zień (born April 24, 1979 in Lublin, Poland) - Polish fashion designer. In 2007, received a Special Award: Honorary Golden Thread given to a recognized fashion creator. He made a lot of   styling for music videos, shows and photo sessions. He designed costumes for theater plays: Chicago (2002), 'A bed full of foreigners ' (2003), 'Business '(2004), " Snakes" (2005), "One "(2006), "Stepping Out" (2006) and "Krawiec" (2006). In 2009 he made his debut as the creator of costumes for the ballet Tristan (2009), which premiered in March at the National Opera.

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Source; Encyclopedia Britannica, (POZNAN) 2003 wydawnictwo KURPISZ

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