Dance - the movements of the body - is a special art form. 

Dance lets us express our feeling and emotions.

There are different definitions of dance. A very special kind of dance is folk dance.

WDance can be performed at family and social events or in front of the audience.

Dance often tells a story; shows dancers' feelings.



* Types of dance


Dance is a constantly evolving art form. There are many styles and forms of dance including:

 modern, streetdance, jazz, ballet, waltz, tango and many others.


* Today dancing is a very popular activity.

From an early age girls and boys learn to dance ballet - classic dance which

has characteristic, very difficult figures.

Not everyone can learn it. What can we do to be the best?

We must work very hard, not give up when we experience difficulties or failures.


 *The most popular dance genre among teenagers today is modern dance -

streetdance and jazz.

In Poland a lot of young people practice dancing.

They want to be good dancers. Besides, they find it as good fun-a

combination of dance and music to express themselves. It's their passion.


Adults always learn classic dances such as Tango, Waltz, Jive and other Latin dances.


 * POLONEZ is one of our national dances. Every year all the senior students of our school practise the dance and then perform it in June, before their prom starts. This is always quite an event and lots of parents and other guests come to our school to see the dance.

Polonez, June 2010
Music: Wojciech Kilar

* KASHUBIAN DANCES come from the Pomeranian region which is in the north of Poland. People who live in the countryside and towns also, practise the dances to preserve the

traditions. They use characteritic folk costumes.

        We have also learned Kashubian dances and performed them in several EU countries to promote our regional traditions and show them to our school EU project partners.                         

Our school folk group at concert in Bulgaria

Created by: Marta & Kinia

Source: wikipedia - text by Marta
Images: photos by A. Zalewska
video: A. Blalteberg

Gimnazjum #4, Gdynia, Poland

St. Mark's Senior Second. School,
Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India

St. Paul Lutheran School, Farmington, USA

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