-Ignacy Jan Paderewski -(1860 - 1941) - Polish pianist, composer, politician, Polish Prime Minister, independence activist, professor at the Warsaw Conservatory

    - Stanislaw Moniuszko - (1819 - 1872) - Polish composer, conductor, teacher, organist, author of some 268 songs, operettas, ballets and operas

    - Wojciech Kilar - (1932) - Polish pianist and composer of classical music, film music composer, conductor.

    - Witold Lutoslawski - (1913 - 1994) - Polish composer, conductor and pianist. Son of Joseph Lutoslawski. Regarded as the greatest - alongside Chopin and Szymanowski - Polish composer of all time.

    - Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki - (1933 - 2010) - Polish composer of contemporary classical music. Professor and Rector of the National Academy of Music in Katowice, educator and music teacher.


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