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Biskupin- Ancient settlement discovered in 1933. Scientists examined it from 1934 to 1974. It was built on the Biskupin Lake in 738 before Christ. Biskupin is one of the examples of the Lusation Culture, which lasted from circa 14th century before Christ until 5th century before Christ. It was round, and its area covered two hectares. In the settlement there were 106 houses and it had about one thousand inhabitants. People of Biskupin did fishing, farming and crafting. The settlement was built to defend its inhabitants against nomads or to fight other tribes. Biskupin was abandoned in the 6th century before Christ, because the level of water in the nearby lake rose. In the 5th century before Christ a new village was built at the same place. In Middle Ages many settlements were built at the same place till the throne of Poland was taken by the Piasts. It was the family line, who ruled in Poland till 1370.


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1.pl.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Plik:Stanowisko_archeologiczne_w_Biskupinie_0129.jpg&filetimestamp=20080507132906 {{CC by Jarosław Bryła}}

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