Students in our school are proud of the school's patron - blessed priest commodore second leutenant Władysław Miegoń. He was not only an inhabitant of our city but also an interesting and smart person.
We want to tell you about the people in our school: in our class 3c we don't have such personality traits as selfishness, jealousy and dishonesty that's why we are gladly working together in the "Global Virtual Classroom" competition. We are a very well organized group who are working at the computers and helping each other. It is not important to us whether we win the contest. What also matters is having great fun and enjoying the learning opportunities it brings, including communicating with other students around the world and using English, and improving our skills in various ways.

Oliwia & Daria


GVC10-11 Core team












Supporting team 

Karolina K.

Karolina Cz.



Karolina Dz.



Marta F.

Marta T.


Marta G.


Karolina L.





teacher: Aleksandra Blalteberg - teacher of English as a second language

Kudos to the students of the English groups - especially to:
Pawel, Dominik, Piotr, Wojtek, Mariusz, Pawel L., Michal, 2D1

  During the contest I learned responsibility, cooperation and had a good time. I learned that I can make websites, banners and cooperate with others. In my opinion, the group work was great and interesting.Of course, I'd gladly do it again. Andrzej

Our team partners are hard working and friendly. They came up with great ideas and they are really well organized. I learned to make webpages and handle with graphics programs. During this project I became a very busy person. Websites development is very interesting - I like doing it. I am pleased with the work of our group. I learned that we can work together. We have worked very well. Of course I would do this project again because thanks to such projects we learn English. My websites are about Polish culture and history. I also made banners for the pages and I helped my friends make their pages. Klaudia

I learned very interesting things about our partners. I learned about their hobbies, culture and language.I learned to make web pages and create graphics. I am very happy with the work of my team. I would like to do this again because the work in my team has been very interesting. The Project is great. Kuba

I learned lots of intersting information from our partners. I learned to make web pages, to use lots of graphics software and make banners for our pages. I am glad with the team's work. All the studens in my group worked very well. This competition is really amazing because thanks to it I can spend my time in a nice way. Robert

During the contest I learned about our partners that they like to collaborate within a group and are well organized. I also learned that I like learning English and working on the computer. The collaboration of our group was organized and contucted very well. I would like to take part in the contest again because it`s exciting and thanks to it I practise my English. I would not want to change anything about the contest. Daria

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