Gimnazjum #4, Gdynia, Poland

St. Mark's Senior Secondary School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi, India

St. Paul Lutheran School, Farmington, USA

The aim of our project is to reach out to as many aspects of our learning process, scholastic as well as co-scholastic through creative, collaborative and communicative endeavours.
Leaders stay connected with the people with their exemplary oratory skills. Actors, artists, dancers and musicians stay connected through their creative skills. Poets and authors stay connected through their writing skills. Scientists stay connected through their analytical skills. Historians stay connected with the past. As students we need to stay connected constantly with every aspect of life to increase, improve and enhance our awareness. We have to stay connected with nature for the sustenance of life on our planet. We have to stay connected with our inner self/conscience to lead a selfless, self - motivated, meaningful life on earth. Parents, teachers and students should stay connected to shape the career and life of a child.

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