Disasters of the 21st Century

March 11: JAPAN -- A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan triggering tsunami activity. It is said that over 10,000 may have been killed and more than 15,000 are still missing.

Feburary 22: NEW ZEALAND --The Canterbury Region of New Zealand was struck by a 6.3 earthquake that has killed over 180 people.

January 13: BRAZIL -- Thousands of families living on mountain slopes face risk of being washed away in the heavy rains and flooding which lead to massive landslides and has killed more than 900 people.

January 1: AUSTRALIA -- The Australian city of Brisbane has experienced widespread flooding, although the peak level is a metre lower than feared. The death toll in Queensland's flooding went up to 15, with dozens more reported missing.


December 24: Puerto Rico -- A magnitude 5.1 earthquake is rattling residents but causing no immediate reports of damage about 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of San Juan

December 14: Canada -- 300 stranded after what was said to be teh most brutal somwstrom in 25 years.

September 21: Canada -- Hurricane Igor strike New Foundland leaving behind downed trees, washed out roads and a missing elderly man.

September 4: New Zealand -- a 7.1 earthquake struck the Catnterbury region of New Zealand but lead to no deaths.

June 11: Southern U.S. -- 16 people died in the state of Arkansas after floodwaters hit campsites in a mountainous national park.

May 16: Puerto Rico -- 5.7 earthquake rattles Puerto Rico. Some parts of the city lost power, but service was quickly restored

April 4: Baja, California: Earthquakes rattle Pacific Coast and Mexico

January 9: California: A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck off the shore of Northern California, leaving thousands of households without power.


September 30: Samoa -- a deadly earthquake which triggered a tsunami that flattened Samoan villages killed atleast 111 people.

August 30-31 : Los Angeles -- This wildfire blaze spread to over 134 sq miles. More than 10,000 residents fled the flames, and some 6,600 homes were under mandatory evacuation orders.

May 8: Southern California -- A wildfire that has engulfed dozens of homes and displaced over 30,500 people burnt over 8,600 acres.

March 28: US Midwest -- Thousands had been asked to evacuate their homes as the Red River, which has swollen to its highest levels for 112 years, breached a dyke in Fargo, North Dakota.


December 30: Canada -- eight bodies found in Canadain avalanche

November 15-16 : Southern California -- The fires burning in three sepereate locations, destroyed nearly one thousand homes and businesses, and 40,000 acres of land.

August 28: Canada -- A 5.8 eathquake strikes off canadian coast


October 22-27 : Southern California -- California evacuated a quarter of a million people as fierce winds fanned wildfires in the LA region from San Diego up to Santa Barbara. The blazes have left 2 people dead and destroyed 1,200 homes and businesses, burning over 400,000 acres.

September 30: New Zealand --3 strong earthquakes struck near New Zealand and the U.S. territory of Guam in remote parts of the South Pacific.


October 15: Hawaii -- A morning quake at sea has knocked out power and toppled rock walls but there were no reports of deaths.

June 28 : North-eastern US: At least nine people have been killed and hundreds of thousands evacuated as north-eastern United States (NY, NJ PA) suffered its worst flooding in years. Up to 200,000 people were evacuated from their homes in north-eastern Pennsylvania alone because of rising waters on the Susquehanna River.


September 30 : SIMI VALLEY, California -- Wildfire scorches 24,000 acres, several homes

September 3 : New Orleans -- fire burns along the Mississippi river

August 31: Louisianna/New Orleans -- Hurricane Katrina -- President Bush called this disaster 'one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history'. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath damaged beyond repair tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the region and left more than 78,000 people in emergency shelters and nearly 800 people dead.




December 22: California: A historic building collapsed after a strong quake jolted the central California coast and sent tremors from LA to San Francisco, two people died.

October 28: Southern California -- With wildfires raging from Simi Valley to San Diego, the number of homes destroyed rose above 1,100 and fire consumed over 500,000 acreas of land.

September 18: Virginia -- Hurricane dumped heavy rain along coast, 2 million without power, 15 dead from storm.

May 4: U. S. Midwest: Tornadoes killed 20 people and left an extensive trail of damage.

Feburary 17: East Coast -- Snow blankets east caost with a s much as 40 inches of snow, and is blamed for the deaths of 20 people.

Feburary 2: Canada -- 7 pupils killed in Glacier National Park avalanche


November 3: Alaska -- A 7.9 Earthquake rocked a sparsely populated area, damaged highways and shook rural homes.

June 23: Arizona -- Firefighters faced a daunting 50-mile-wide fire line as they battled monster blazes that swept through a half-dozen towns with a frightening wall of flames shooting 200 to 300 feet into the sky. Nearly 200 homes had been lost.

June 13: Colorado -- U.S. forest officials report this as the worst wildfire in Colorado history. Overall, nine separate Colorado wildfires were burning approximately 150,000 acres in the state.

May 14: San Fransisco, CA -- A moderate earthquake (5.2 magnitude)-- followed by five aftershocks -- shook the San Francisco Bay area.


Feburary 28 Seattle: Washington -- 6.8 earthquake injured 28, governor declares emergency after power outages and damaged roadways were reported.



December 30: New York -- severe snowstorm hits New York



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