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Here you will find information about various natural disasters, survival stories, and advice on what to do when faced with a disaster. Please enjoy our site.

Source: Natural Disasters Project {PD, YouTube TheLastFrezio 12/22/2009}



Natural Disasters Around the World

March 11: JAPAN -- A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan triggering tsunami activity. It is said that over 10,000 may have been killed.

Feburary 22: NEW ZEALAND --The Canterbury Region of New Zealand was struck by a 6.3 earthquake that has killed over 98 people. *SEE MORE ABOUT NEW ZEALAND HERE*

January 13: BRAZIL -- Thousands of families living on mountain slopes face risk of being washed away in the heavy rains and flooding that have killed more than 900 people.

January 1: AUSTRALIA -- The Australian city of Brisbane has experienced widespread flooding, although the peak level is a metre lower than feared. The death toll in Queensland's flooding went up to 15, with dozens more reported missing.


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