Stories and Fictional Characters of Giving

What do these characters have in common?
Superman  Toothfairy   Batman   Santa   Robin Hood   Spiderman

Sometimes children learn about giving from fictional characters. Here are a few well known stories and characters that teach children how to think of others.

Hero stories teach us many lessons we can use in our daily lives many are passed down, some are cartoons we watch on T.V. and some we experience.
What separates a hero from everyone else is how we recognize a hero for what qualities the hero possesses.

Many of the heros we learn about in childhood are elusive they don't need anyone say thank you and they don't need praise. These heros go out of their way to show others kindness and when when they are done they quietly go home.. .

Superheroes have defined the image of people doing good for at least a century. Super heroes are, of course, fictional characters but they still represent real people. Like policemen or the National Guard giving their time, money ,and their lives to defend the things they believe in like justice (Superman) and responsibility(Spiderman). Even though they don’t exist they deserve mention here.

Real Name: Clark Kent
Arch-enemy: Lex Luthor
Powers: Can fly, super strength laser vision

The Tooth Fairy
It is questionable whether or not the Tooth Fairy is considered to be a fictional Philanthropist. This is because she is giving you something in return for your tooth.

Real name:Bruce Wayne
Arch-enemy: The Joker
Powers: has no powers but he uses his martial arts skills and gadgets

This story starts with a man named St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas was known for his generosity to those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships. There are many stories about St. Nick that we learn many things from him like giving to others in need and also caring for others.

Real Name: Peter Parker
Arch-enemy: Green Goblin
Powers: can climb walls shoot webs super strengh spider sense.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor.  The story of Robin Hood raises the ethical question of whether or not one should steal or starve to death.

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Philanthropy: The Giving of Time Talent & Treasure