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HMES Student Reflections

HMES Team" 
I loved it!" - Griffin

"I liked working with my group." - Matt

" I liked GVC because you learn a lot of new things and make it on the computer." - Garrett

" I loved making the videos and website." - Blake

"The thing I liked most about GVC is making a website" - Lily

"I really liked working on GVC.
It was a lot of fun" - Jonna

"I liked GVC because it was fun." - Aidan

"I liked GVC because I had a good group and it was fun to make a website." - Ben

" I liked GVC because making
a website was very fun." - Langston

"I liked meeting with people
all around the world." - Jacob S.

"I liked working with people in
other countries or states." - Peter

" I liked making a website. - Jacob W.
"I liked it because it because it's fun making websites." - Noah

"I liked working with people from
the other side of the country." - Christian

"I liked GVC because we got to meet
all different people around the
world." - Katie

"I liked GVC because it is a great way to talk to new people."  -Aleah