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Helping Focus
IVMS at work

Our helping focus for this project was to create interesting safety information for others about disasters. We worked hard to design webpages and videos with tips that could be shared about how to be prepared in case of an emergency.  We also tried to make them entertaining to interest more of our friends!

When we spoke to other students about our project, they found it useful.  As we got better at using the tools to create these presentations, we began thinking of ways to continue our efforts using other media and classes.  Although we are at the end of our GVC program, we are at the beginning of possibilities for building awareness on a variety of topics within our schools.

One of the school resource officers we spoke to asked us a question that sparked our interest.  He asked, "How many kids do you think died in school fires last year?"  We all guessed various numbers from 5 to 100.  Then he told us the answer was "none".  The reason he explained was because kids and teachers are aware of what they need to do to be safe and they practice it over and over again each year.

We plan on spreading the word about our safety message for disasters and beyond.  We have invitations to share our work with younger students and are now looking at making books and games that they can use to learn.  We see many possibilities of how we can share ways to be safe in a variety of other topics such as preventing bullying and cybersafety.

We hope you too will find these ideas useful and will help to spread the word!