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IVMS Student Reflections

IVMS jumps for joy

I learned that disasters are very serious around the world.  I think that I can make a difference and be a part of helping people in need.
-- Annabelle

I learned a lot about tropical storms.  I think that Pivot was very cool!  -- Jonathan

I loved GVC!  It is so much fun. -- Claire

GVC was a really fun experience!  I learned a lot about hurricanes and their devastations.  The overall impression was that it was a great learning experience. -- Alexa

I learned a lot about tropical storms and how they are made.  Overall I thought Skyping with Chicago was the best and making the webpages a lot of fun.  -- Blake

I learned to work better with others.  I liked our finished website.  -- Sara

I thought this was fun and cool.  I thought the website turned out really good. -- Derek

I learned how dangerous tornadoes can be and that it is important to have a safety plan.
-- Cameron

I learned that it's more fun to work with others.  I like the videos that we made.  -- Caitlin

I loved it!  It was really fun.  I loved working with my group.  -- Thea

Throughout my GVC time it was really fun.  I want to share with the next class that they should get creative with their project and put some humor into it.  -- Jake