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95 students participated in our survey

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Our first question was ‘Which topic(s) would you like to see as a part of our project?’ The highest percentage answer was endangered animals with 42%. Tied with 41% are: world peace, oceans, sports, and future. With 39% is nature. With 35% is technology. With 33% is environment. With 32% is entertainment. Sorry to say but the lowest scores are; global warming with 27%, cultures with 23%, other with 19%, and planet in peril with only 14%.

The 2nd question was ‘check the boxes below for ideas that you would like to include in our project?’ The Highest percentage answer was; online quizzes and games with 60%. 2nd was comics with 58%. 3rd with 54% was video recordings. 4th with 51% was animations. 5th with 48% was scratch games. 6th was jokes with 47%. Sorry to say but the lowest percentages are; cartoons with 41%, recycled crafts with 39%, word search with 37%, podcast with 36%, puzzles with 35%, crosswords with 33%, recipes with 32%, solving problems page with 17%, and other with 11%.

The 3rd question was ‘do you like the idea of creating an online multimedia magazine?’ 91% of the students answered yes and 9% answered no.

The 4th question was ‘do you like the title of the art of living for our project?’ 63% answered yes and 37% answered no.

Some of the responses for question 5 (what are some other ideas that you have for our project?) are… …Making art projects and selling them for money to donate to world hunger…cleaning a park.

Some of the responses for question 6 (What ideas do you have for the HELPING FOCUS part of our project?) are…all possible ways of helping old people/destitute/orphans/educating/help during disaster/nursing/doctoring/sharing/saving animals/being a good neighbor/live and let live…by making people aware of their duties and how much they are sincerely doing.

Some of the responses for question 7 (What are your ideas on how we can collaborate on this project?) are; make a glog… work in groups of two or three…each person comes up with one idea and then we combine all our ideas into one huge idea.

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