Our Sports

Sports from USA

Soccer/ Races (Above) Tetherball

Hula Hoops (Below)

At school we have tetherball, four square, wall ball, soccer, two playgrounds, and basket ball backstops. We also play games like prisoner. We have a lot of fun. I like prisoner because it is kind of like volleyball. It is cool because a lot of people can plan. We all have to show good sportsmanship. I run a lap everyday at PE. My class likes basketball and catch.

Sports from Taiwan


Tee Ball Game

Our fourth graders have a tee ball game.

Dodgeball  Game  

We sixth graders have a dodgeball game this year.

The girls are dodging a ball. They look really scared. I was about to hit the players of our opposing team!!

Watch out!!

I was about to pass the ball to my teammates.

Our class won the third place, and we were happy.

The teacher gave us no homework as a reward.

Andy Wu  from class 610 was going to hit his opposing players.

Track & Field



I like basketball, because playing basketball allows me to grow taller. Jeff

I like jump rope and swimming, because they make me healthy. I will practice jump rope when I finish my homework. Sometimes I go swimming with my parents. Ginny

I don't like running, but I like basketball and swimming. Playing basketball makes me taller. I am a good swimmer, too! Jessie

I like swimming. It is not only a sport but also a lifesaving skill. Andy

My favorite sport is baseball. I like to play golf, too. Willy

I like dodgeball. Dodgeball games are exciting. Kevin

I like running. It's a great sport, and it's fun, too. Lulu and Tina