Special School Events

Balboa Park

Fifth graders went to Balboa park. We went hiking, to the zoo, and to museums. I can't wait to go to camp in the mountains in the sixth grade. At the Children's Zoo they have a petting zoo, and I really liked petting the sheep.

Balboa Park All School 2011

The whole school went to Balboa Park. We talked to leaders and wrote a website about them. We asked, "Why do you consider this place to be important to San Diegans and other visitors?" He answered, "It is a regional museum, and it protects cultural property for future research."

Botanical Gardens

We studied the flowers, the plants, and the insects at the Botanical Gardens. There was a place like a playground where we could play. We needed to go with a partner, so we did not get lost, and so we could write more notes about the flowers and plants. The Botanical Garden is filled with amazing plants. There are parts of the park were all the plants from one continent are in that specific area.

I saw a lot of trees and plants in the Botanical Garden. I love plants! The bamboo was as tall as the trees. It was very strong. We couldn't push it a bit! I also saw beautiful flowers in all different colors. The Botanical Gardens has the smell and feel of nature. I loved it!

Bugs are attracted to the plants, so everybody was creaming to get away from the bees. But everyone had a fun time. I love plants. They are really cool. Did you know that there are about a million plants in the whole wide world?



One of our field trips is to the Midway. The Midway is an aircraft carrier in San Diego by. The Midway is a giant ship.

Old Town

In fourth grade, we go for one week to San Diego's Old Town instead of going to school. We get on a bus every morning for a week. We learn about Kumeyay Indians and adobe bricks. Adobe bricks are made out of clay. We see missions and Spanish churches, and we learn a dance called the Mexican Hat Dance. I had a lot of fun there. We walked all over, and we saw the tools the Indians used.

Sports Day

Sports Day has become an annual event of our school. Sports Day is a lot of fun because I can run the relay race. This year caramel corn is the prize for the relay race. I am looking forward to the prize.

On our Sports Day, there are many different kinds of games. Running races are the most exciting. The opening ceremony is very special too. Sixth graders dance "Sorry Sorry", and we all wear a scarf on our wrists.

Our class won the second place in tug-of-war. But we were depressed by the sixth place we got in the relay race. And our classmates also won the first place in the cross-country running, and also first in both the 100 meters and 60 meters.

Today is our best day. It was Sports Day. We're glad that our class turned out to be a tug of war champion, even though we lost in running. Finally we have the Spirit Award, so that is one thing to celebrate!

In front of the school, there are many street vendors selling cotton candy, hot dogs, and drinks. The food in Taiwan is really delicious.

Mobile Library

When the bookmobile of the City Library stops at Haidong, we will run to the bookmobile because we can read and check out books not in the collection of the school library.
We enjoy reading under the tree in summer time.
We feel free to sit at any place and read. Bye-bye, bookmobile! Hope to see you soon.
On World Discovery Days, each student chooses a subject—clay, music, science at the bay, hiking, golf, computers, Indians, Japan, etc.  Then you can go somewhere or stay at school. You do the one subject for two whole days.  It is fun because for two days you don’t have any homework.  Last time I did planting and then science. In planting we got to plant flowers.  We also learned about animals

We have several essay contests we may enter like the Character Counts contest. The GVC is a special international event!