What is the best book you have read this year?
The Last Hero, Percy Jackson and the Olympians,  Hugo Cabret, Spiderwick, National Geographic Dinosaurs, Oceans, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Horse Sense, Terrariums
What is the best thing you wrote this year?

  • a poem that won first place in a poetry contest
  • the skit for my Egyptian project
  • a speech about a skate park
  • writing about winter break
What will school be like when you are in the future? 
Maybe we will learn the same things. But, maybe kids and teachers will be smarter.  We will learn about space garbage, history about future people, more different languages, geology, math and more advanced subjects.  We will do lots of shows and plays. 
We will learn on computers.  We will have lots and lots more websites. At home, people will read what students write.  Schools will work with other schools.
Why is it important to go to school?
It is good to go to school so you will get a good job in the future. Teachers can help you there, and you can learn a lot more than at home.  If you don’t go to school, you won’t get a good job.  You will needmath to count money and reading to learn how to do things. 
At school you also make friends.  You meet people who aren’t like you, and you learn languages. It is important to go to school to learn English. You also will learn about bad things in life to stay away from like drugs.
What happens in places where there are not schools for all?
Children do not learn, or they have to try to teach themselves.  Sometimes they can’t read.  They have a hard time getting jobs, or sometimes they have to do hard work at a young age. They do not meet friends. They might get into trouble because they don’t know right from wrong.