Our Holidays



On Halloween we have a carnival. We catch apples hanging from strings and race with pumpkins on our heads.

appleshang There is face painting and cotton candy too.

Dongzhi Festival

Winter Solstice Festival

Traditionally, we make and eat tangyuan or glutinous rice balls which symbolize family reunion.

Yummy! And now I am getting one year older, and have to behave better. That's what we were told since childhood.

New Year's Celebration

This year is Taiwan's 100th anniversary. It is also Year of the Rabbit. We have some great celebration activities such as rabbit hunts, passing exercise balls, and singing songs.

We have to find out our young mayor and his friends who dressed like rabbits. When we find them out, we get one gift.

We pass the exercise balls separately and see which grade is the fastest.

Everyone wears a rabbit headband, because this year is Year of the Rabbit. I also wish you a Happy New Year.

yearofrabbit rab
rabbits newyear
happynewyear John Muir says Happy Year of the Rabbit.

Valentine's Day

Listen to us talk about this holiday!


St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day we wear green. Taiwan said hello to us! We eat green food. We sing Irish songs and tell the story of the giant, Finn McCool.