History of Education

In Egypt

They wrote with stylus on scrolls. They made paper form papyrus. Only the boys got to go to school and learn to read, write, and count. Their schools were called lactus. The girls did spinning, weaving, and sewing.

This photo shows our Paideia Egyptian Living Museum. We all dress up like famous Egyptians and tell about their lives.






In the history of Chinese education, Confucius is believed to be the greatest educator ever. His thoughts, known as Confucianism, were still having a deep influence on our thoughts and life. Andy

In Taiwan, Teachers’ Day has been celebrated annually on September 28, the birthday of Confucius. Memorial ceremonies are held in Confucius temples around the island to show our respect for the great sage. Tina





History of Education in the USA

Today fifty-eight million men and women teach. They help others learn. Teaching is a good way for people to relate to others. Most people teach outside of school. Parents teach their children.



The first school in the New World was established in the early 1600's. Most teachers had little if any formal training. Children learned by repeating lessons. Parents who could read taught children lessons from the Bible and other books they had in their homes.



In 1636 Massachusetts started Harvard College. The first school district was in the 1700's. Most schools were developed in the 1800's. All children in the USA go to school. They have to or they are truant.




Back in the 1800's some teachers were very young. The readers were McGuffy, and the spelling was by Noah Webster. Sometimes the children could not go to school because they worked on a farm.