Future Schools

What schools will look like in the future

If I were the principal, I would build a garden at the school. Students can learn and eat vegetables which they grow. I would also turn the science classroom into a 3D movie theater, where we could get closer to our real life. Willie Huang

If I were the principal, I would build the school as a playground, which would allow students to play while learning, and therefore achieve maximum learning results. Owen Kuo

If I were the principal, I want to make the school into a farm to green the campus. I would also keep a few sheep, which would allow students to interact with the sheep, and then raise a few cattle to produce milk for our children. Charlie Yang

I hope that the campus has a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster..... and so on. When we feel bored about the class, we can take these rides. I also want a large swimming pool, which is also a place of fun. Lulu Zhuang

I hope there will be a machine that can help us with the clean-up. That will save our time and efforts.  Julie Huang

What we will learn

I hope we can add a course in aviation science in the future because it is very important. I think that can help me solve math problems in life. I hope we can add geography and chemistry which are also important. Chinese history and literature can give us a better understanding of Chinese culture. Owen Kuo 

I hope we can have more computer courses in the future. Jack Mao

I think history and geography are important, because we all live on the Earth. So we need to know cultures of other countries. Willie Huang

I hope that science can be added in the future, because scientific experiments enhance our understanding about the nature of science. David Zheng  

I hope we can have chess class, because playing chess can boost our brain power. Kevin Zhao

I hope we can add cooking class and crafts class, because I want to learn cooking, and like to make some crafts. Ruby He

I am interested in geography because I like traveling. I also like to do experiments, so I hope we can add chemistry. Jeff Zhang