Famous Teachers

Confucius (Kong Zi in Chinese) is the most famous Chinese teacher. The most popular name for him is Zhishengxianshi, "The Most Sage Venerated Late Teacher". He is also called Wanshishibiao,  "The Role Model for Teachers through the Ages". Kevin

The first Confucius Temple in Taiwan is located in Tainan, the city we live in.

His philosophy of education is to "educate all without discrimination, and teach according to the abilities of students". Ginny

In Taiwan, Teachers' Day is celebrated on September 28. This date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Confucius. Ginny

The great stories of Confucius were brought to the big screen in 2010. Confucius is an epic historical film directed by Hu Mei, starring Chow Yun-fat as the Great Sage. Owen

Lord Baden Powell (1867-1941) founded the Boy Scouts. He was a former officer in the British Army. He organized the girl guides in the UK. He wrote books on scouting andmilitary campaigns. Because of his defense on Mafehing, he was promoted to major general. Mannie
Aristotle was a Greek educator. He is remembered in an oil painting in the Museum of Art in New York.
Sir Isaac Newton discovered the secrets of light and color. He showed how the universe is held together. He has one of the greatest names in history. He had been forced to flee because of the outbreak of plague in the city of Cambridge. Selah


Alexander Graham Bell called Chicago from New York city in 1892 to demonstrate the telephone to business people.He also taught deaf children just like his father. Lily R.


John Harvard left his library job and went to college in Cambridge, MA. The college John went to was later named after him. Although he was not the founder, he gave the college a great gift. He got an MA and a BA from Cambridge University. Lesly and Katherine He was a minister and philanthropist. Josh and Ricardo

Annie Sullivan was the teacher of a blind and deaf worman named Helen Keller. She was born in Feeding Hills, near Springfield in Massachusetts. Annie SUllivan got surgery to help her with own own vision. She was 70 when she died. Kylah and Brandon

Albert Einstein became famous in physics. He wrote E=MC2.Einstein worked at the Patent Office from 1902-1909. He learned to play the violin. He taught at Princeton. Matthew and Alexis
Jaime Escalante helped poor students with their math. He beganworking as a math teacher at Garfield High School. He was awarded the presidential Award of Excellence and he was on PBS. He was awarded into the Teacher Hall of Fame.Ty