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Adopt an Insect

Each team started to look for insect eggs or caterpillars in the school vegetable garden.

Then we kept them in a container with a tissue paper bedding, and fed them with leaves.  They ate a lot, day and night!

We put the cocoons in a cardboard box.

We decided to let the insect fly back to the vegetable garden. Good bye!

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Integrating Information Technology

into the Arts Curriculum

We are going to produce a theater with paper clay works.

We begin with making paper clay figures and other decorative items in the art class.


Then we take photos of each scene, and make a video slideshow.
Let's see how the theater works out.

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PBL Curriculum

Beauty All Around

We went to National Cheng Kung University in Tainan City. We saw an art work of Juming, a famous Taiwanese sculptor. There were some other public art works on the campus.  The college really looked like an outdoor museum.

Then we watched the video slideshow of photos taken during our visit. It was created using Corel VideoStudio.  And we had to create a video slideshow with that software as a team project.

Next, we used Moodle e-learning platform to post and share our views of beauty as well as ways to protect what is considered beauty.

Since this is our last year in elementary school, we went on our leavers' trip to northern Taiwan, far away from our hometown. After the trip, each team started their video production about the trip, and  then shared it with our classmates. It was truly a beautiful memory.

Each team received a prize from our teacher for the awesome job we did! PBL is fun!