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Earthquake Ideas
Design & Build an Earthquake-Proof Model House
Step 1- Search information on the Internet, and generate ideas. Step 2- Start design sketching.
Step 3- Start with building the house foundation. Step 4- Bamboo chopsticks are used as the frame of the model house.

Step 5-Finally,put up the cardboard walls.


Cooking Fun 

Potluck Party

Each one of us must prepare a dish.

I am going to make fried beef with green pepper.

I also help someone else cook.

Cooking is really hard, but fun!


Our teacher first gave us a lecture on global warming. We were then asked to do a project on conservation of energy.

Each team started to search information about ways of saving energy like water, electricity..., etc.

Our team decided to find out the most energy-saving and the most energy-consuming appliances at home. So we can change our energy use. I am doing the presentation.

After my presentation, the other groups then discussed over our oral report.

Comments on our presentation are welcome.

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