Our Classwork

I love math because sometimes they give you real live questions. Math is really easy for me. In math we learn about multiplying decimals. Decimals look like this: x............ 0.32..........8.

We also do reasonableness which is very simple. Math is one of our longest and hardest subjects. Our math is also one of the most interesting subjects.

We do math, because math will stimulate our thinking.

I like art class. This is my art work, and I put it in my bedroom as decoration.

Making model houses is also very interesting.

We study social studies, math, science, language arts, art, library, and physical education. In Jiji math, you have to pass levels. If it's hard you can ask the teacher to help.
In my English class we just finished writing personal narratives. We wrote about something important to us. I wrote about my plan B Tech Deck which introduced me to my best friend. I know how to do a kick flip with my Tech Deck. Mine isn't in the best condition, but I can still win. Right now it's tough for me to play because I broke my arm and have a cast past my elbow.
We learn about how to use appositives. Also we are learning conjunctions and we also learn about comparing and contrasting. It's very interesting when we know more stuff having to do with English. When we learn English it helps us with our writing and more. I really enjoy English. I like vocabulary because I can get an A in that.
ss Social studies is not one of my favorite subjects. We're learning about Spanish settlers in California. Social studies is fun because we get to learn more about Mexican people. We answer questions like, "Why are these photos important?" We write a lot in Social Studies. We fill in two papers or more. We work a lot but it is so fun to work with our fellow classmates. We study key terms. We also do questions and answer them. We are talking about ancient Egypt now. We learned what the Mesopotamians used to farm.
During music, you chose your instrument and our music teacher, Mr. Alforque, comes Mondays and Thursdays to teach us. The way I practice my instrument at home is about 30-40 minutes daily. The instrument I play is the violin. Some of the pieces I know are Lightly Row, Twinkle, May Song, Jingle Bells. We practice how to read music and what notes to play to what song.

We usually play really soft and classical music. John Muir School holds concerts for us so our parents and schoolmates listen. We have a band and an orchestra. I listen to Mr. A because I like to play the instrument. If I don't listen I don't get to play. I started to play the violin because my favorite rock band has a guitar and a violin.


I like music class, because I learned how to play the recorder. Besides, my music teacher is so kind and she talks to us softly! I love her a lot! We have science classes four periods per week. We do a lot of experiments.
We do Paideia seminars and students do not raise their hands to talk. We concentrate on one text. There is more than talking about the text. The teacher notices how many times you talk. You have to have a reason for everything you say. In seminar the classroom arranges itself into a circle and the teacher reads us a text. Then we have to discuss the text.  Everybody gets a say in the question. We discuss the next questions with one another while the teacher takes notes.