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Handmade Toys

Before the industrial revolution, there weren't factories around, so most of the toys were handmade. They could be drawn, sown or otherwise put together and were made from straw, cloth and other fabrics. There were no toys stores! Due to a lack of construction techniques and materials, the toys were very simple. The toys usually taught kids skills like how to aim, work with their hands, follow directions, and play by the rules.



Dolls and Stuffed Animals

The Teddy bear is a classic toy.History of the Teddy Bear

In America, the teddy bear, according to tradition, got its start with a cartoon. The cartoon, drawn by Clifford Berryman and titled "Drawing the Line in Mississippi," showed President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a baby bear. According to this often told tale, Roosevelt had traveled to Mississippi to help settle a border dispute between that state and Louisiana, and his hosts, wanting to please this avid hunter, took him bear hunting. The hunting was so poor that someone finally captured a bear and invited Roosevelt to shoot. Roosevelt's refusal to fire at such a helpless target inspired Berryman to draw his cartoon with its play on the two ways Roosevelt was drawing a line—settling a border dispute and refusing to shoot a captive animal.

History of Dolls

Barbie was introduced in1959 by Mattel Toys. Before that, paper fashion dolls were popular. There are many who say Barbie is unrealistic and is not a good example for girls. Nevertheless, Barbie is still popular and keeps up with current trends.

G.I. Joe were invented In 1963, Hasbro began development on a military-themed line of dolls that, like Barbie, could be accessorized with different outfits and equipment. As the Vietnam war continued, the makers of the doll changed his image to be portrayed as an adventurer because many Americans began to speak out against the war.



Toys Today

Today, modern and virtual toys are popular games that connect poeple to the world like Wii and X-Box360. Webkinz are stuffed animals that have special codes link to the internet - they can also play and interact with other people around.

Toys have become global - that can be used to connect to other people from other countries.



Thailand Toy History

Thailand has toys since primitive age when people start making containers from clod. When children saw adults using clod they travesty molding toys from clod. They didn’t play the toys such as small cars or a yo-yo but they like to play dolls which the adults made for them or play some games like banana stalk. Sometime they would make dolls form clod. Nowadays Thai’s children play plastic dolls, videogames and many things base on their family’s situation of money.

Lanna Thai Spinning Top [Ba-Kang-Wo]

Lanna is the ancient City in the north part of Thailand.
This Top call Bakangwo because Bakang mean Top and Wo is the sound.
How to play
1. Wind the string around the top axis.
2. There's a hole in one end of the stick. Insert the string to that hole.
3. Pull the string
4. Person who can make the top spin in the longest time and make the loudest voice win.

Kite-flying in Thailand has been in existence since the Sukhothai Period, around the 18th century of the Buddhist Era. A well known kite is Wao Ngao, or Wao Dui-Dui (Jew’s - harp kite), which makes a humming noise all the time it is flown. This type of kite is believed to invoke wind or good luck. The noise it makes is supposed to repel all evils. Wao Chula (star-shaped kite) made its appearance in the Ayutthaya Period around the 19th century B.E., especially in the reign of King Phetracha. Kites were flown not only for fun but also for use in warfare. When the ruler of Nakhon Ratchasima staged a revolt, he could not be put down, at first. So an earthen pot filled with gunpowder was tied to the string of a Wao Chula, together with a fuse. The kite was flown across the city wall and then the fuse was lit, causing the pot with gunpowder to explode, setting the city on fire. In later times, there was evidence showing that kings were partial to holding contests between the Wao Chula and Wao Pakpao (diamondshaped kite with a long tail).

The Chula is a sturdy 260 cm kite with a bamboo frame that has been seasoned for months.Shaped like a five-point star, the big kite has three sets of bamboo barbs attached to its line for snagging a female.It takes a team of at least 20 people to launch, maneuver and retrieve a chula.

MENKO (Japan)

History of MENKO

In 8-10centry (HEIAN period) the nobles of Japan began to play MENKO first in KYOTO because KYOTO was the capital city then. MENKO was fashionable game for the young nobleman. It was made of money. It was a kind of gambling. However, from 11-17centry, there are many wars and trouble in Japan. So MENKO was falling out to play. In 17centry (EDO period), It started to play again. It was called ANAICHI. It was made of nuts, stones, and shells. In 1889 (Meiji period) it was called MENKO again and it was made of paper. It’s present type. From1926 ( sho-wa period)

Many of boys collected MENKO cards because popular characters were printed on it. In fact, Many children don’t play MENKO now. So, MENKO is an old game in Japan.

How to play
1. Scatter MENKO on the grand.
2. Take one of them and fling it on the grand
3. If your MENKO can turn others upside down, you can take it.
4. At last, a person who has the most MENKO is winner.

Problem of MENKO
MENKO is decreasing in JAPAN because many children don’t play it. The background of this problem is increasing videogames. After the Second World War, many children didn’t have toys. They had to make their toys themselves. MENKO was easy to make. SO, it was popular then. However, many children don’t like playing outside. They like to play videogames better than former games.

What should we do to solve this ?
What should we do to solve this problem ?

There’re many aged people in Japan, we should have a time to mix well with aged people and learn how to play former games. We should succeed to play former games .