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GVC0916 students worked together to learn about trendsetters in all three of our countries. The Indian students wrote about Japanese heroes, the Japanese students wrote about American heroes, and the American students wrote about Indian heroes. We all needed some help, and we all learned a lot that was new! We may even have some future trendsetters in the group.

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Heroes From India

By American Students


APJ Abdul Kalam


Kiran Bedi


Mahatma Gandhi


Mother Teresa


Swami Vivekananda

Heroes From Japan

By Indian Students


Baron Kitasato Shibasaburo


Hideyo Noguchi


Sakamoto Ryoma


Takamori Saigo


Tsuda Umeko

Heroes From USA By Japanese Students

Martin Luther King

Abraham Lincoln

Barrack Obama

Susan B. Anthony

George Washington



I am determined to devote myself.

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