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Q: What does service before self mean?
A: I think that service before self means that in any time or place you would help someone or your community. You would put others before yourself and your personal needs.
Oprah Winfrey is one example. She built a school out in Africa for the little kids so that they can get an education and be able to do something with themselves. Another example is a veteran (army, navy, air force, coastal guard and etc.) because they risk their lives and go fight to protect the country from danger.
Something my family and I do is sponsor kids in countries where they don’t eat a meal at all or receive clean water. We help and send money out to them so that they can have clean water instead of unsanitary water. The fun part is that we also write letters to them to see how they’re doing and send them things to do so it’s a really fun and cool experience that we enjoy doing.
Quick Write: What does service before self mean?

What I think service before self means is that you should volunteer to apply to help someone else before thinking about yourself, or, to put someone before yourself. For example, our parents put their kids before themselves because they want us to do great in life. Another example is the Army. They put their country before themselves to help protect us all in the country.
- Fire fighters
 “What does service before self mean?”

What it means is helping someone else like a Veteran or someone who needs food, shelter, and clothes. People helped and raised money and gave them the money they raised. There’s a group of people who raised money and gave it to India, and built some buildings for a village in India. They were called International Rotary.

Groups of people who helped raised money:
• International Rotary
• Pasta for Pennies
• Military
• Boys and Girls Club
• Churches
• Girl Scouts
• Boy Scouts

by Dominique



Not words but deeds. / Actions speak louder than words.


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