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Super Power     

By Dominique

            If I could have super power, I would want the ability to wipeout all pollution. That way, if I wiped out all pollution, it would save the animals, on land and sea. I can save animals like, manatees, penguins, not only that, but people, too.
            The major pollutions I’d wipeout is air pollution and water pollution. The extinction of air pollution could save a lot of human beings and many mammals, too.
            To help get rid of air pollution, I’d try to see what I can do to stop smoke from being so unhealthy. It would be a very hard task because there are a million factories. Something that would help the environment would be if the factories used all natural instead of unnatural gas.
             To get rid of water pollution, I think someone should make an air-filtered boat that can run on water. I also think it would help if people would cut their eight plastic can holders when they throw it away so it won’t hurt animals in the sea.




Failure teaches success.

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