Point Option High School
 Virginia. USA
 C S Ramachary Memorial   Matriculation School
 Madurai, India
 Wako Kokusai High School
 Wako. Japan

•  It is a good experience to be part of GVC. We gathered a lot of information which also helped us to    improve our IQ. Video Conferencing with Japanese students was very interesting. It also helped us to    improve our internal talents and thoughts. - J. Jency

•  GVC is an informative web activity. It taught me a lot about web designing. The video conferencing was an    exciting one. The participation with different schools in different countries helped to known their culture,    their schooling and many information. I will be very happy, if I get another chance to participate in GVC    Projects. I gained more information in web designing only when I participated in GVC. - Sathana    Prinyaka

•  It's wonderful to work with GVC. As it increases my interest towards General Knowledge. We spent the    time very useful. If this opportunity is given next year, I will do my best. We had a wounderful time and we    understood one another and helped each other - Ramya Indirani

•  The GVC section was very useful. I learned a lot. I am proud to be a member. The Video conferencing    arrange regular help to understand the other school life. I contact various people and it is indeed a self    development program. - Priyamvatha

•  I Feel very happy that I working in GVC. It was a very helpful for me. It was a very good experience that we    shared our ideas with other school students. It would be good if implemented for 12 th Standard too
    - Ferozkhan.

•  By Participating in GVC, I learnt more about our topic “Water”. In Video conferencing I talked to Japanese    students, we shared our thoughts about my topics. It was very helpful to me. - Ramanathan.

•  By participating in GVC, I learned many things, I learned to send photos, some video through net. I also    learned many information about marine and sea animals. I learned many new scientific names for many    sea organism. If this session is there in the forthcoming year, I will surely participate in this because, I can    gain more information through GVC - Divya Bharathi.

•  The session with Japanese students was very interesting. I thank all those who organized this contest    and the competition. - Sathya

•  I am very proud to be a member of GVC Project. I attended many delightful video conference. We collected    many new information from this class. It was very interesting. Next year also I wish to participate in this    contest. - Sharmilee.

•  We learn many informative idea about the web page designing through GVC. We get the change to know    about the culture, food habits of students from different part of the world. I thank GVC for organized this    contest. - Yazhini.

•  We spoke with students of foreign countries that enabled us to learn more about their culture. We    searched for more information about the project and that helped us to gain more knowledge on the topic    We contested in competitions and it helped use to improve our latent abilities. - Abinaya.

•  GVC Session was very effective and informative. It enabled us to share our views with other countries. It    paved the way to increase our English fluency. Video conferencing was informative - Keerthika.

•  I enjoyed GVC Progamme. It gave a world-wide communication. We enjoyed video conferencing. It    improved our knowledge. - Sivapriya.

•  I feel we are so lucky to take part in GVC. I learnt so many things like how to approach the friends ie., our    group and how to search or create a web page. The advantages of this project is our individual talents can    be shown even though it's a team work. - Girija

•  We got a new friends from different part of the world. We feel good to work with GVC. - Diwagar.

•  It gives more ideas and more information and tasks about the Internet web page and creating a website.
   It was a good experience when we spoke to people of a another country. I sure everyone who participated
   in this contest will never forget this. - Charles.

•  GVC Project develop individual personality, know about their culture of foreign country of our team. This    project made us our interest in the field of knowing about internet. - Mukeshbabu.

•  I gathered more information on fishes. Chat with other country students improve my communicating
    skills. If there is more time, I would improve my knowledge as much as I could. - Gowtham.

•  GVC improve our personality. The conference between many students, develops our language skills. This    is also one of the best entertainment. We can learn more about computer and mainly websites and also    improve our communication skills. - Seenivasaperumal.

•  It help the students to enrich their knowledge about other countries, religion & Culture. It give good    exposure to the students. - Ajay.

•  GVC is a good forum for development of school student's project idea. It is a platform in which many    students complete and win the tasks. It maintains a good relationship between different countries.
    - Raj Preethan.

•  My experience on the GVC project was an amazing one. I learned about other cultures and kids in these    cultures. One of m y favorite projects that the students from India did was the sand paintings. It’s crazy    how they made these beautiful pictures on the ground all out of sand. I also enjoyed explaining our culture    to kids across the ocean on other continents. We told them about our thanksgiving holiday, and they    explained several of their holidays to us. Since our project was about oceans we gave them a brief history    of our precious Chesapeake Bay. We cleaned up local beaches as a way of showing that we care about    our earth and environment and hoped that by showing how much we cared that other people in the    community and in communities across the world could take our example and clean up the environment    too. - Kaylyn Anderson

•  The experience I had with the GVC project was an interesting one and, it will be one that I’ll never forget. It    was something new to me, because I as an individual had not done something like this before. Never    have I communicated with other cultures, and on top of that work on a project. There were a lot of things I    really liked about this project, and that was seeing how differently tasks are done in different parts of the    world. If I didn’t get involved in this project, I don’t believe sand painting would exist in my memory. It was    certainly a beautiful art to see from my perspective. After the project was complete, I realized how much    our environment is in need of some serious help. Not just the ocean but several areas of our world needs    us to change the way we look at these situations. This is what I gained out of this experience, and it was    certainly a great experience. - Richard Williams

•  The thing that I liked best about the virtual classroom project was that we could talk to other students from     far away who were working on the same things that we were. We got to see what their lifestyle and culture     was like. We also got to share pictures, for example sand paintings that the students in India did, and
    their meanings. I had a lot of fun doing this project. - Quan Jones

•  The best part of the GVC project was all the exciting and interesting people I have met. And it was cool    about how they were concerned about the same things we were concerned about. I like d how we got to    share pictures and exchange videos back and forth. - Olivia Gary

•  My experience during the GVC project was something new. It’s something that I don’t do everyday but this    project opened my eyes and showed me everything that we do and how it hurts the world in the long run.    So now when I walk down the street and I see anything on the ground I always seem to pick it up and    throw it away now when before I would just walk past in and not care to do anything with it so I thank the    project for helping show me what I do and how it hurts the world, and how we can change things to save    the world. - Aaron Reed

•  I had a wonderful time participating in the GVC project. It was a wonderful learning experience. I got the    opportunity to learn about other cultures. As me and my classmates worked on this project we got a better    understanding on how we effect our environment. It gave me a greater understanding of how important    and unique or Earth is and how we should preserve it. It was amazing to participate in the GVC project.
   - Nicole Watson

•  My experience with the GVC project was something I had a good time with doing. I didn’t understand why    my classmates and I were doing what we were doing, but I realized it’s to help our environment. Help    making it to be a better place to live for everyone. It was work cleaning up the variety of beaches my class    went to see, but it was for a really good cause. This project was a good experience for me and I’m really    glad I was apart of such a good cause. - Kaitlyn Buser

•  The project we did was awesome. I had a good time doing it. I loved interacting with people from around    the world. Its pretty crazy how all of think the same things and want to help the same things. I wish we    could have done it longer than we did. - Tori Rocha

•  The project was very educational, and taught me to be more aware of my soundings. With how the world    is today, any help, even if it is small is needed. Only we can change the world. - Michael Menno

•  I like to believe I had the best experience of all the students because I got to take notes and journal about    the places my class went to. I then wrote these journal entries on the website. Mrs. Rodgers read a few of    the entries and she said she felt like she was really there. I loved sharing my information and outlook with    teachers and students from my school and from the other schools. I loved to chat with the other students,    talking about the projects we were both working on and discussing the different animals groups that we    have in our area. I loved working with the other schools on this project. Thank you for letting me be a part    in it.

:-) Courtney Michele McDaniel :-)


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