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How We Did It

New Skills We Learned During This Project


Josh – First we wrote stories in MS Word and then edited them.

Jake – Then we worked in Power point by copying our story from MS Word. Next, we added graphics and animation.

Dorothy – We used Camtasia software to screen capture our power point as it ran. Sometimes you have to do this more than once if you make mistakes.

Kennan- We then used Camtasia to turn the power point’s into windows media files to be played on the Internet.

Taylor – We then drew our team picture using Paint Shop Pro.

This was a fun project because we got to talk to kids in Prague which was cool. We read their stories and they read ours. We were able to write emails to each other using nicenet.org.


We used Nicenet to write our stories and discuss them

We then learned how to use KomPoZer to make web pages. Our template for the site was a team effort. Tuvana had the original idea for the bubbles. Sophie added the animal images. Radovan and Sungwoo wanted to make it look 3D, like a skyscraper, Alexa suggested the colour gradient - we put them together in class and used a copy of the file on the network for copying our stories into.

We used the GNU Image Manipulation Program to edit photos of animals taken by teachers and students at the school.

We made Powerpoint presentations of our stories, using clipart and our own photos.

We recorded our stories and edited the sound using Audacity.


Drew artwork and scanned it to add to our stories

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