This is where we have written about our experience in GVC and what it means to us to be a part of this project.

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GVC Reflections from Students in Taiwan

GVC Reflections from Students in USA
Lily’s GVC Reflection
What was my Favorite Part of GVC?
My favorite part of GVC was probably the island. I liked the island because you could use your creativity
and the result of all the imagination put into it was really cool.
What did I Work on?
In GVC I worked on Haiti houses, and the island. For the island I did architecture
and traditions. I designed the islands bank and the islands flag.
GVC Rocks!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of GVC was making the outline of the big island. I liked it because Abby L. and me
thought about making the island the shape of a fish so I got to trace a fish and divide it into 5 different
sections, Imaginary Islands, Government, Economy, Climate, and Culture. By: Hannah T.

Simon’s Reflection on GVC
What’s your favorite part of GVC?
Making pencil movies about the virtual island’s culture.
Because they’re really fun to make.
How much did you communicate using NiceNet?
A lot. I posted a message in almost every discussion.

Grants G.V.C reflection
My favorite part of g.v.c is making garage band songs for the g.v.c website because it is fun to do see what it sounds
like to here a bunch of musical instruments sound like together.
I like communicating to other people on nicenet because I like to see what other people are doing.

G.V.C reflection
My favorite part of G.V.C this year was probably making the islands on pixie, that was really fun.
I remember the first project we did. We made podcasts about ourselves and I’ll never
forget that because that was the first project I ever did in G.V.C.
2. I worked on the islands half the time because I also did scratch with mister P.
3. I enjoyed doing nicenet. It was a cool experience.

GVC Reflection
By: Jake
My favorite part of GVC was using new Applications like Pixie and Garage band and others I don’t get to use every day.
I worked on ART for the imaginary island
I liked using Nice Net because I can communicate with kids in Florida, Australia, and in Taiwan.

My Reflection
My favorite activity in GVC was working with my best friend Isa on a project with music. And talking to 3 students in
Taiwan on skype. I said the numbers 1-10 to them in Chinese and they laughed at me.
In GVC I worked on making an Island, which I made it look like a pokemon, making a website
about me, and working on making music on Garage band.

On Friday the kids in GVC talked with our partner school in tiwon at 8:00 a.m. (9:00 p.m. in Taiwan).
We did this on skype using a combination of video and writing when talking with them. We learned some things
about them and them about us. If you ask it was a memorable experience.

Katie’s reflection for GVC
I LOVED GVC!!!!!!!!!! It was really fun and I loved to learn about all the cool things on the computer.
Last year I remember I was so jealous of the fifth graders in GVC. My favorite part was the imaginary islands.
They were fun to make because we could use our creativity. I worked on traditions and architecture. It was fun to
make the houses that they might live in and make some of the holiday traditions of the island. I thought Nicenet was ok.
It was kind of hard to communicate because we didn’t go on all the time. Over all GVC was the thing that I got up in the
morning for. If I go to school today, I think to myself, I will get to do GVC!!!!!! There’s a point of going to school.
Not for math, reading, science, writing (definitely), not even social studies, just for GVC!!!!!

GVC Reflection –
My name is Anna and this is my GVC Reflection.
My favorite Part of GVC is when we talk to the kids on our team on NICENET.
I like this because I get to learn about their culture and what they like to do.
We can also talk about our ideas with them and then we can elaborate on some great ideas.
They can also learn about us and what we do.
Communicating in NICENET is a great way to plan what our website is going to look like.
We can plan cool projects and talk to each other in an instant. We can laugh and share with
each other on the Internet. We can read anyone’s comment and respond to it.
GVC has taught me so much! I will take this knowledge on to Middle School!

My GVC Reflection
By: Isabela
My favorite GVC activity is Nicenet. I like Nicenet because you get to talk to people around the world. I also like it because
you can be your self and say what’s on your mind.
Another thing I like to do in GVC is the island. I like the island because
I get to work with my best friend Miyumi. We made music together for our islands.

GVC Reflection
I think GVC was pretty fun and I learned a lot like what Pixie is and a bunch of educational web sites.
And a lot of projects that were fun like, we made an island. I got to make the sports ( I love sports )!

My GVC Reflection
My favorite part of GVC is working on Haiti houses and NICNET. I like working on NICENET because
I think it is fun to communicate with people across the globe. I like working on Haiti houses because it was
interesting to learn about it and I liked that we helped Haiti in these bad times.
On the island project I worked on food and created waterlemon which is lemon flavored watermelon.

My favorite part about GVC is… going to pixie and making ICE Island and making it a cool world.
I worked on the project Hatit and the Island…

GVC Reflection
My favorite part in GVC was helping Haiti because we were helping something and we did it through art,
technology, and imagination.It I also liked making music for the island.I made 6 songs. I worked on designing
Haiti house which was very fun and making music for the island.I liked working on nicenet because you could
see what the other people you were working with thought about your work.

MY Favorite PArt of GVC
Today, Friday, March 26, 2010, some lucky kids got to video chat with the children in Taiwan.
Even though we had difficulty understanding each other and the connection
was not perfect, but we were okay because a student knew Chinese and we knew how to write backwards, we got a lot of chatting in.
They were up and in school at 9:00 P.M until 10:00 P.M just to Skype with us. It was a great experience for both of the groups.

My GVC Reflection
I like GVC because I got to be creative and I love to communicate with other cities in Taiwan and Florida. I worked on
music and cultural effects. Being in GVC was so cool for me and it was a great 5th grade experience.

GVC Reflections using Pixie2

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Grace Ava T. Max
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