This is where we worked on planning for our GVC09-05 Island Project.
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A video explaining our project.

Our original idea for the Imaginary Island.
We brainstormed on an idea that could incorporate both ideas of environment and peace.  
We thought it would be fun to create an Imaginary Island/Continent together.  
We could have groups/partners work together to decide on all the features to include creating:

-  a climate (study/share environmental issues, resources, shelter from elements, food)
-  a culture (study/share family values, traditions, community involvement, art, music, entertainment/sports, architecture, etc.)
- an economy (decide on what industries, services, or other sources of revenue will support our island/continent)
- a government (study/share how are the people governed, resolve conflict, provide defense, support peace)
- a map and/or model of this virtual land and a name

Some of the students thoughts on Nicenet about our Island Project:
Imaginary Island communication through Nicenet (PDF File)

Pictures of our planning to enlarge.