This is where we have created
our own GVC09-05 movies.

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Students working in Pixie2 to create introductions.

Students used Photoshop Elements to create their names.

Student created movies as introductions.

Abby's Movie Alex and Bennett Gianna and Natalie
Gabby and Miyumi Alexi Grace
Grant Amanda, Liz, and Teresa Hannah and Abby
Isa and Amy Andrinique, Brittany, and Jasmine Johnny
Abby and Courtney Anna K. Kate and Jake
Sydney B. Ava T. Lili A.
Sydney Ayanna Megan and Gracie

Max and Tyler
Briuanna Shannon and Elizabeth
Kevin Charles P. Sohia and Melanie
Katie and Lily Ethan Sophia and Ava
Katie and Ananda   Veronica and Patricia