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The future for a soldier has a lot of changes in 40 years. The soldiers will change equipment like guns, head protection, cloths, footwear, shelter, knifes. What the soldiers would sleep on every night will be better. Maybe the soldiers will have a bulletproof vest underneath their clothes. The soldier will use small bombs put inside their guns, so when a soldier fires the gun at somebody it would be a bomb. Maybe the soldiers would go to war every day for a long, long time to far away locations. Maybe more soldiers will not come back from war.
Bradley's Future Soldier

When all of Canada’s soldiers are in other countries, who will take over Canada? So we need to train more soldiers! Think of the weapons ten years from now. They will be really powerful because right now they are metal. I think guns will still be metal but the bullets will probably be electricity. Metal bullets are already invented and a bullet years from now will probably be really bad because every one on the battlefield will be electrocuted, unless they have a big rubber suits on. I think war will end soon because every soldier will be dead and there will be nobody to fight any more.
Garret's Soldiers in the Future

The future of a soldier more weapons and I think the war will be close to being over. I think that soldiers will be in tanks that go under water and swim. The war of Iraq will be over before the Afghanistan war. I think that there will be a world wide war (WWIII) because if any 2 of the current wars spread to a continent, that would become a world war. The equipment that soldiers will use something might be like an iron man suit or they someting else so they can be loaded with guns.  The World War III will hopefully not be for at least another 40 years.
Gordon's World of Soldiers

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