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K9 Police Officer

Q1.)what inspired you to do your profession?
A1.) I wanted a job that had some action and also helped people.

Q2.)What is your favourite part of the profession?
A2.)My favourite part is being a k9 handler.

Q3.)What is the most important part of your profession?
A3.)The most important part is doing a good job for the community.

Q4.)what equipment do you use in your profession?
A4.)I use bullet proof vests, guns, the Dog, Hand cuffs, Boots, computer, radio, k9 truck, night vision, gps, dog leash(harnesses).

Q5.)What education and skills do you need for that profession?
A5.)You need computer skills, reading and writing skills, driving skills, and police college and high school for education.

Q6.)How long have you been doing that kind of job?
A6.)I have been doing this job for 12 years with four years as a k9 handler.

Q7.)How much do you work in this profession? Weekly? Monthly?
A7.)  We work an average of 20 k9 calls a month or about 50 hours a week.

Q8.)what kind of lifestyle do you have in your profession?
A8.)I work shift work and special calls out.
Interviewed by: Garret

Security Guards

What inspired you? I used to work in tobacco using big bins. My back is hurt too bad to carry on with it. So, I tried this.

What’s your favourite part? My favourite part is talking to all the contractors when making my rounds of the work site.

What is the most important part of your profession? The security is the most important. I make sure the company and employees are working in a safe environment, and guard the property and the paper work of the company.

What equipment do you need?
note book
flash light
rain coat

What skill do you need? You need common sense and the ability to read people.

How long have you been in this profession? 9 Years. You hope for boring days - a good has noting unusual happening.

How long do you work? Weekly or monthly!
Shifts are all 12 hour shifts right now, starting at 6am. Most security work is on weekends and holidays as well.
Interview by: Iain

Police in the Future

I think that the future police will have different tools to help with different crimes.  Handcuffs and straight jackets might have technology in them so they shut off the technology of the criminal. The cars could have things to have cars pull over and still be under cover! Their uniforms could be bullet proof and if the criminal had a gun, the suit could shut it off! Still the police would have their equipment and that is my idea of the future.
By Isaiah

Police in the Future

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Dayna in CanadaIsaiah in CanadaGarret from Canada