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A dancer is a person, who dances well and earns money through dancing. To become a good dancer you need to work much from childhood. Some people enter the institute and get education. Then they begin working as dancers. Dancers have much to do. They make groups, train them and take part in different shows and concerts. Besides, they organize dancing parties in other towns. They also record music for those who are fond of dancing. Real dancer must know all dancing styles. f.ex. jump-style, techtonic, robot, free-style, break and others. He must improve his skill every day.

Text: Polina Zhitnikova, Russia,
Animation: Stepan Nikishin, Russia

Carlene in Canada


I want to be a dance teacher when I grow up. I think that dancers’ clothes would stay the same,  only there will be different colours and different kinds of slogans. Dancer’s will have different  shoes maybe, that will help them spring off or do a leap and help them not slip. They will have bigger dance rooms and maybe some new studios and a lot more room to move around, because there isn’t very much space in the rooms. I hope in the future there will be combined kicks jumps and everything else. My favourite kick is the flick, and my favourite jump is the cat leap.
Ashley's Future Dancer

In the future we will have shoes that will make you jump higher so you flip on a point. The shoes will also help you balance. The soles have a sticky back so it will grab . You can remove these when you don't need them. You will have special gloves. They have a sticky back so they will help you grab the ground. You may flip much better and your costume will help you do the routine. If you forget your part, then you whisper, "Help," and it goes to a mini-chip and helps you do it now. Wow! Look at what you are doing - you are dancing!
Tabby's Future Dancer

Dancer AshleyDancer Tabby

What makes a Dance Teacher

Q.What inspired you to do your profession?

Dancer: My love and passion for dancing, as well as, my love for teaching.


Q.What is your favourite part of the profession?

Dancer: Teaching all my talented students new dance steps.


Q.What is the most important part of your profession?

Dancer: Making sure I have new dance steps to teach my student. Also, making sure I teach my students the correct way to do a dance step.


Q.What equipment do you use in your profession?

Dancer: Dance shoes (many different kinds) dance wear(cloths) music CDs player/ipod player acrobatic mats for acro.


Q. What education and skills do you need for that profession?

Dancer: I have attended many dance teacher workshops to learn and increase my dance skills.


Q. How long have you been doing that job?

Dancer: I have been teaching dance for 8 years.


Q. How much do you work in that profession?

Dancer: I work 30 hrs a week teaching dance.


Q. What kind of lifestyle do you have in your profession?

Dancer: I don’t get to spend supper or t.v. time after supper with my family, and sometimes I miss that. 
Interview by: Ashley

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Tabby in CanadaAshley in Canada