Dreams of future
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I think that in 50 years the life will be different. All people will live in modern houses with all conveniences flats will be big and have to floors. Every family will have a home robot. It will cook, do the washing, wash the dishes and clean the flat. All people will drive flying cars. There will be no teachers at schools, but there will be teaching computers. There will be no homework and tests.
I think that the life in 50 years will be cool and super.

The 6th form Russia

I think life in 50 years will be interesting, beautiful and mysterious. People Will pay more attention to nature, animals and the fight against chemical weapons. The school will not have classes on Saturdays. I think in 50 years everything will be computerized. People will become more mobile.

The 6th form Russia

I won’t to tell you about the future. I don’t know what will be, but I think it’s will be funny and interesting. Maybe people will be more clever. I hope than physicians will find a medicine from cancer. I know that people will have many new and useful things. For example, robots people, “flying” cars. People say that 2012 is the last year of the universe, but I don’t believe. I think it’s a fantasy. So, what about sport? Sport will be the main occupation for people. Universe will be more patient, tough, and self-confident. I hope that future life in 50 years will be good, beautiful. People will be more disciplined.

The 6th form Russia

Do you ever wonder what this life will be like in fourty years? Well i do! I think that there will be some new kinds of laptops, and desktops. I think that we will all have a happy life, and some day we will all get mirred to a man or women. I think there will be a automic pen. that will you tell it to wright something it will wright it like if i had homework to wright my spellingwords five times each, and i gave it the list of my spellingword it would wright it five times each, then it would put it away in my folder. i think there will be different things like a dog that talks to humans when they ask him or her a question.
Alexis Jones

I also think people will be able to fly like a bird. And people can grow wings. Accutally the wings part would be wierd. But I would love to fly with wings or not. I also think that when you are eating you can push a button and your fork would get the food and bring it right to your mouth and you would not even have to touch the fork only the button. That would be wicked!!! Also I think there will be pills that when you eat it you will know everything.[you would be a genuis!!!] That would be awsome!!!
your friend, Jessie

I was thinking how clothes would change like maybe we could say that clothes would have air conditioners in them like they take your temperature if you're too hot they cool you down like little air conditioners hidden in different spots of your body and there would be a controler hidden somewhere too.
Aslhley M.

I think a lot will happen by 2050. There will probably new jobs, new inventions and probably new homes and places. I also think that they will be able to clone people and animals even though right now they have not done people. I also think that we could help clean up the town, city, and the world!!!!
your friend, Danielle

Do you ever wonder how life will be 40 years from now? Well I think it will be like this...... radios will have arms that change the chanels for you, and there will be beds that make you tired even though you are not tired.
Mary Patterson

Me and my friend Madison were wondering what you think the future is going to be like? Madison thinks it will be cleaner then what it is like today. I think they will have lots of new places, jobs and cars that will help the environment. We would like to know what kind of jobs you would like to do when you are older? Will it be a new job or old job?
Your friend Madison and Danielle

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