What might Professions be in the Future

Catalogue of Professions in the Future

Future life is impossible without activity. We’ve found out a lot about different professions. Hope our catalogue will help new generations to learn more about a rich world of professions.
Future Life

GVC Project of 2009


We invite you to play the game.


We played, "Picture Pong," (kind of like the game of ping-pong) to create pictures and animations together with team mates from different schools. We took photos, drew pictures and banners.

Test Yourself

This test will help you to choose your profession, job.

Dreams of future 

We are generation of future. We have to understand that the future will depend on us. In 50 years we‘ll be able to see the results of our activity. Click on “life in 50” to see our dreams of future.

Helping Focus on a Profession

We "have discovered" some of modern professions and “tried” some of them. It is important, we want to be useful for people now, not wait for the future life.


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