It was really fun to be part of the project.
The work from the kids in USA and even the work in my class were beautiful.
When I read the text part of "Long Beach Schools" I was happy to know that there are more kids who are interested in their history of their city or their country.
I learned a lot of new things and I'm sure that more kids learned them just like me.
The project was really fun, interesting and was a new experience for everybody.
Everybody did a great job and I hope that everybody enjoyed the project just like me! Chen

The Reflection for the GVC project
I think that the project was very fun and when we did it we had a good time. It was very interesting to learn about Culture Centers in the city. It also was great to do banners, background and animations in Pixie and Photoshop. It was very special to correct an Html page because there not a lot of kids that do it. I think that the most important part of the project was the global cooperation with kids from USA. We learned about their lifestyle and they learn about our lifestyle. It was funny to see that we and also other kids like to play on the computer or play video games.
Written by: Limor 6th Grade. 

We really enjoyed working on the project together and we learned a lot of new and important things about the present, past and what we want in the future of the city. We also enjoyed working at Photoshop and to build beautiful html pages at Kompozer. We also enjoyed learning about the past and present of the other schools, to receive packages, to send packages and to see pictures of the children with whom we work in a project of the GVC.

Ellaey and Aviv

I really liked this project because we did it with children of USA
We helped the children to do nice pages in HTML.
I also liked to use the PhotoShop and the Kompozer to do beautiful HTML pages.
It is a great learning experience.
Eldar 6th grade


GVC is a special and fun project.
It is interesting to learn more about my city, and even more interesting to work with programs like Photoshop and pixie.
In this project we learn with more school from USA so we can learn about other places, culture and weather too!
When we are doing this project, we are learning English, that is very useful language in the present and in the future too.
I love this project because of all the technology, the English and the kids around the world!
By Eric

We worked in the GVC project about the past, present and future of our city, Petach Tikva:
Past – We did the work about the past of our school, Ein Ganim.
Present – We did the work about the present of the Big Park which is in our city, Petach Tikva.
Future – We did the work about our hopes for the future of our city, Petach Tikva.
We enjoyed doing the work for the GVC project, because we love to paint all kinds of things in pixie and Photoshop, and we enjoyed making interesting and fun games in the “hot potatoes” program.
The work in the web-site helped us to improve our knowledge about computer and learned more things to do in Photoshop and pixie. We also met a new program called “hot potatoes”, which is fun to work in.
In short: we loved to work in this project!!!
We also liked learning with our friends in the USA.

By Inbar L. and Reut B.

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