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The GVC website helps kids to understand the past, present and future of the towns and cities of the three schools that are in the project: Ein Ganim School from Petach Tikva, Israel, Long Beach school from Long Beach, Mississippi. and Roberto Clemente, New Jersey. The three schools are promoting the personal knowledge of every kid in this project about the history, present and future of the three communities, cities and towns through the images, pictures and text written by the kids in the project. The students also learned more about their own city by the research. Others acquired a better English. In addition, the kids also learned many new software programs on the computer.

In the project we have five sections: the past section of the three schools, the present section of the schools, the future section about dreams with a special wishing wall, an "all about me" section, and a "GVC gifts" section.
In the past section there are three sub-sections: Ein Ganim's past section, Long Beach's past section, and Roberto Clemente's past section. These sections tell us about the past of each country in the project.

In the present section, there are three sub-sections too: Ein Ganim's present section, Long Beach's present section, and Roberto Clemente's present section. In this section every child could compare the communities and cities of their partners, and experience how they live and also what they're doing within the different lifestyles. We were saddened to read about the Hurricane Katrina which caused so much damage to Long Beach and realize how fortunate they are that no one was hurt in this process. Reading about this experience taught each of to see the way other children live and learn from them, because every kid has another perspective of the world they live in and their city, and about their lives.

In the future section there are also three sub-sections: Ein Ganim's "hopes for the future" section, Long Beach's "hopes for the future" section, and Roberto Clemente's "hopes for the future" section. Every kid wrote about his wishes and hopes for the future in his city and their own lives: every kid wrote about what he wants and dreams to be in the future and what he wants to see happen in the city or community they live in for a better life, and also changes he/she wants to happen and perhaps can help in bringing about this change..

The interview with the mayor of Long Beach and how his municipality is dealing with repairing Long Beach gave us a true spirit of hope. Caring about others is so important and this is message in our website.

The next section is the "all about me" section, which has been written by kids from the project. Every kid wrote about himself: about his family, friends, hobbies, and more. What we have learned here is that we all have the same hopes, dreams, hobbies and even like the same foods. The final section is the "GVC gifts" there are photos and thank-you letters that have been written to the classes in the GVC project to thank the senders of the gifts. The kids from the class in New Jersey sent Ein Ganim School a few gifts, as pencils for the Valentine's Day, stickers about New Jersey, and also a few signs that teach about New Jersey including their maps and symbols. It also includes gifts that we the students of Ein Ganim sent to our friends in honor of Purim the Jewish Halloween and some souvenirs representing our country. The kids from Long Beach shared the mardi gras celebration with their friends from both schools and it was very exciting and inspiring to all.

Thanks to working in the project, every kid has learned many programs on the computer. We worked on the programs: Pixie, flash animations, Word, Photoshop, Pivot, and "hot potatoes". We think this project is very successful because: it is very important to teach the world about other cultures and also teach the children technology with fun ways.
It was a very special experience and we had a lot of enjoyment because of the learning process with Marsha, Debbie and Kristy. We have all expanded our knowledge about each other and thanks to GVC we have all become friends, and built this wonderful website.

By Inbar and Reut 6th grade Ein Ganim School

all about eg

Ein Ganim Elementary
Petach Tikva, Israel (maps by Google)
Marsha Goren

Long Beach Middle Schoolall about lb
Long Beach, MS, USA (maps by Google)
Deborah Holt
all about rc
The New Roberto Clemente
Paterson, NJ, USA (maps by Google)
Kristy Wellins
Banner & background by Elaye, Ein Ganim School
Flash animation by Ayellet, Ein Ganim School
Music and recording by Matan and Ayellet, Ein Ganim School
Music taken from -
Collage and buttons by Tal B., Ein Ganim School
All About Me Buttons by Ellaye, Ein Ganim School


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