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Helpful Tips To Help You Save Money During This Economic Crisis


How to save money on food:
-Eat a snack before you go shopping so that you wont have the urge to buy anything
-Freeze leftovers
-Buy in bulk
-Buy generic products
-Make your own food
-Use coupons
-Make a list before you go to the store and ONLY buy what you need
-Cut down on drinking


How to save money on entertainment:
-Become a homebody -Dont go out as much
-Budget yourself -When going to a movie go to a matane (its cheaper)


How to save money on transportation:
-Carpool -Dont drive unless you HAVE to
-Use Squeege at the gas station to wash your car -Ride bike/take bus/walk

How to save money on housing/utilities:
-Cut housing expenses (downsizing) -Unplug anything that is not being used
-Disconnect landline (phone) -Reprice your mortgage

How to save money on credit cards/money:
-Keep a spare change jar -Budget money
-Cut credit cards (don't have as many) -Pay bills on time (avoid late fees)
-Avoid ATM fees -Work more
-Save more -Pick up money or change on streets

How to save money on your habits:
-Reduce impulse buying -Quit smoking
-Change lifestyle -Cut things not being used
-Get rid of things not needed -Cut down/stop drinking

How to save money on other items:
-Stay away from people who spend alot -Hold a garage sale and sell things you dont need/use
-Buy used products

-Buy generic brands

-Re-use products -Don't throw away plastic bags
-Shop for discounts -Change lifestyle

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