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What went into the Site? How was it used? How did we do it?


Teachers and Students

Students from both schools collaborated constantly through NiceNet, email, and a little video conferencing and Skype.

Our teammates in the Philippines designed the page templates, navigation, introduction video; wrote the code for the site; and played a huge role in pulling the final site together and completing the editing.

Our teammates in the USA developed the page content and short flash videos, and also played a huge role in linking the site together and editing the pages.

Our teammates from Mexico shared ideas for the site, but unfortunately were not able to continue on with us after December, so they were unable to participate in the site building.

We’ve learned that collaborating can be very exciting and challenging (especially when we are so far away and on such different time zones!) and that we needed each others skills and ideas to pull this site together.

A tick about the classes...

The class from the United States, Colorado gave me a bit of information about

themselves, and so I figured that you might want to know it too!

United States Students


What the Process is:

The first thing that we did in creating the website was to sign up for a thing called Nice Net. There was where we could have the ability to communicate between the classes, and come up with our ideas.