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Arctic and Andtarctic Animals
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Here are some of the animals that are getting affected by the economic crisis because we are not paying any attention to them. Yeah we may not have a lot of money, but we should give these animals a chance. Their is many more animals that are getting affected that I didn't have a chance to talk about.

Just us cute little polar bears freezing our little buns off! by gim2468Polar Bears

Polar bears live in the arctic as we all know, but the arctic is melting from all the pollution in the world. When its time to go hunting, polar bears depend on the ice, without it they can't hunt the seals. Climate change is the main threat to these loving furry animals. Over the past thirty years the arctic ice, has shrunk by 1 million square miles. Polar bears are an endangered species because they're animals that know no boundaries.

Peguins.[TAKING_OVER!] by [simply].SHAMBOLICPenguins

Penguins are part of the bird family because they have feathers and lay eggs, but yet they don't fly. They only can only swim, no flying. Penguins live from the arctic to the beaches of Africa. Penguins like to waddle when they walk to show some class. Penguins have been known to swim hundreds of miles to find food, they are excellent swimmers.

Our world needs saving!

globe-hands-sm by noticelj


Polar Bears top- photo from gim2468 from flickr site

Penguins 2nd photo-photo from SHMABOLIC from flickr site

Globe picture 3rd photo-from noticelj from flickr site

Background Photo-from Ben's Photostream from flickr site

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