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The unemployment rate has risen dramatically since the drop in the stock market. Even before then people had been losing jobs. It is a continuing cycle, people lose jobs, and people find new jobs and new jobs being created. This strand has been worldwide. from a 6.20% unemployment in Russia to a 7.90% unemployment rate in Germany. Egypt has an unemplotmeny of 8.70% and Japan has an unemployment rate of 4.20%. The rates vary, however a majority of major to minor countries are seeing a rise in the number of unemployed people.

Since late 2007-present there have been issues with the amount of people who are losing job. The number is growing; however the amount of jobs available is less than the number of jobless people. Large companies and even small businesses are making budget cuts. They are also laying-off people where they can spare. Even so, there are some new jobs, but it’s still not enough.

Every type of job is being affected, and the people who lose jobs are having a hard time finding another job. Unemployed teenagers are also having problems finding jobs, since the main focus would be to give the unemployed adults the jobs first. Today the United States unemployment rate has reached an average of 7.2%. 

Here is a table of the unemployment average in the unemployment rate in the United States over 2008:

January 4.9%
February 4.8%
March 5.1%
April 5.0%
May 5.5%
June 5.5%
July 5.7%
August 6.1%
September 6.1%
October 6.5%
November 6.7%
December 7.2%

Above is what we will soon resort to in order to get a job.

As shown on the table the unemployment rate has risen within the past 4-5 months. Although it was stable for a few months it continued to rise. MSNBC has an excellent example of how the unemployment has grown via the link here.

This is not a problem that only affects the United States. Currently Nauru has the highest unemployment in the world with 90% of its people unemployed. Countries such as the Philippines, Slovakia and the European Union all have an unemployment rates between 7.2% and 7.4%. Some countries are doing better than others such as Qatar whose unemployment is only 0.60%. Some of the smaller countries have large unemployment rates and some have small unemployment rates. Even larger countries have varied rates of unemployment depending on the current social status. For a complete list of all countries and their unemployment rates visit CIA-The World Factbook here.

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