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Doverwood Public School

Louis J. Martel School

class 5a

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I like meeting new people. - Abra

I think I loved the experience - Amanda

I though it was fun because I talked to people I didn't know - Robert

I liked the intermediate classroom because you can tell other what you think about their ideas. - Andy

I think it was super fun. It was fun making tests about the website. - Gabe

This was fun because you got to communicate with others from Canada and Maine. - Meredith

I loved how we learned stuff about things other people do in different places. - Jackie

I loved writing the stories, drawing pictures, meeting new people, and having fun with different kids. - Izzy

I enjoyed interacting with other students from very different places and towns. - Natalie

I liked talking to people. - Cormac

I really liked posting the messages and ideas. - Phoebe

The thing I liked about he online site is the reports on energy and talking with different people. - Leland

I liked talking about the theme. - Rachel

I like the whole thing. - Kyle

I like talking to new people. - Kara

It was fun talking to people I didn't know.- Dan

I liked the messages that we could send. - Garrett

I liked everything. It was awesome to send messages. - Jack

I liked talking with other people you don't know. - Andrew

I really liked drawing pictures for our website. - Michelle W.

I had fun. - Carson

I think it was a good experience for the class. - Alex G.

I liked the virtual classroom because we did penpal messages with the people that we don't know. - Angel

Brogan: What I have learned from this Global virtual classroom project is that when you work in a group, you have to cooperate with the others . I also learned that when global warming started, we should have stop it right away . The last thing is that if the website needs a little bit more work you should offer and help out so that the website will be that much better.

Kendra : What I learned about doing this website is to colaborate with your group and with other people. Another thing that I learned is global warming is worse then what I thought it was, so i think if we have more colaboratetion with everybody we work with I bet this website would turn out better then what we have!So lets work together then what we have so far!

Drew : What i have learned about doing the website is that colaborate can help globla wamming .If we work all to gather we might make the world a greater place . I think we are doing really good on our website ! keep the good work up !

Jessica : Many thousands of new jobs would be created when we finally switch to alternate energy sources and look at how much benefit it would be to our planet. I thought this would be an easy project and really fun working with computers and meeting some new friends. Well meeting new friends was really great, but the work was really hard. We want to continue sending and receiving email from our partners.

Nathan : I believe that we all have learned something about global warming.This shows that we all need to work together,on making the world a better place for generations to come.By discovering alternative energy sources,we are reversing man's imprint on the earth.I have enjoyed researching,and sharing my ideas, with our American neighbours

Check out our pod cast on our GVC experience. It is way too large to fit into our server space, so we put it on our school site.



Matthew: Hi, we are students in Mrs. Letourneau's third grade class at Martel School. Our school is located in Lewiston, Maine. Lewiston is the second largest city in the state with a population of 40, 000 people. It is located in Androscoggin Valley in Central Maine within the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Rachel: Canada borders us to the north and northwest while the Atlantic Ocean makes up our east border. The only state to border Maine is New Hampshire to southwest.

Melissa: The state of Maine is the furthest northeastern state in our country. Did you know that every day in the USA begins in Maine?

Gage: Maine is famous for its seafood, yummy lobster, sweet maple syrup, and for producing the most brown eggs in the country.

Jericho: Lewiston is 510 miles from Port Dover, Ontario, Canada and 901 miles from Oak Park, Illinois, USA as the crow flies.

Nicholas: Our thoughts about participating in a virtual classroom: It was stupendous! Fun to have e-mails, Alec actually met a fourth grade student from Doverwood during the hockey tournament during winter break! It was awesome that he knew Mr. Anger.

Serenity: Best of all was sharing the work on our energy project. As our teacher says, be frugal, waste not want not…we want to be pebbles in a pond of alternative energy.