The Use of Alternate Energy Sources is Essential to our Existence

Water is one of our most common alternative energy sources.

Wind blows every day and all we have to do is harness it.

Farmland may be dwindling, but we need to grow enough produce for us to eat and to power our vehicles.

Our Earth has an infinite amount of heat just waiting for us to tap into and help power or home. Geothermal energy is just coming into widespread use. Solar energy. The sun produces a temperature of 6,000°C (11,000°F) in its outer visible layer, the photosphere and has enough energy to last another 5 billion years

Time cannot run out. We must be the pebble of change in our world of energy consumption / production.

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Wood is a renewable resource, but we are not sure of its value as a electricity producer. It does have some value as a home heater.

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