Added to Olympics in 2000


The team consists of 7 team members, one of them will be the goal keeper and wear the goal keeper cap. The team may also have no more than 6 alternatives.

There are 3 different arrangements of referees -

1.) 2 referees and 2 goal judges

2.) 2 referees and no goal judges

3.) 1 referees and 2 goal judges

The game consists of four 8 min. periods of actual play.


The game was invented in two places, Europe and the United States. It was a rough and dangerous sport. In 1897, the first rules were put into action.


The objective is to be the team with the most goals at the end of the four eight minute periods.

Field of Play

The distance between the goal lines should be between 20-30 meters for men and 20-25 for women

White marks - goal line and half distance line

Red marks - 2 meters from goal lines

Yellow marks - 5 meters from goal lines


A goal is scored when the whole ball passes over the goal line through the posts and under the cross bar.

The goal can be scored from anywhere on the playing field.

The goal can be scored with any part of the body.

Famous Players

Dezso Gyarmati


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